Commercial Security Systems


Face Recognition Software in UAE

There are numerous potential benefits to having a quality business cctv system installed. For example:

Face recognition CCTV Systems for Schools and Government Buildings
Object Movement Tracking Systems for Shops and Stores.
Number Plate Reconition for Car Parks, Schools, Hospitals
Protecting staff from personal attack
The ability to protect yourself on health and safety issues.
Above all though, it gives you peace of mind, because it allows you to keep an eye on your business whilst you are not there..


Which CCTV System Do I Require?


This very much depends on the type of business you operate, but with advances in cctv technology thereas systems available now to cater for every possible requirement.

So whether you require car number plates to be recorded as vehicles enter your premises or simply want to monitor staff movements remotely, we can put together a solution that as perfect for your needs.

We all qualify your requirements, then work quickly and efficiently to design a bespoke CCTV system that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

We are based in Dubai and predominantly cover UAE but can work further afield if required. With over 10 years industry experience supplying and installing CCTV systems for business, you can trust us to deliver a first class professional cctv system you can rely on.




The Design Of Your CCTV System


Generally our customers know what criteria they require the CCTV system to meet. Our job is to advise on, then source, install and configure the best possible equipment to fulfill that criteria.

The first step in designing your CCTV system is to survey your business premises. We all explore the best location for each camera, taking into account cable runs and available visibility. By efficiently maximising coverage in this way, we reduce the number of cameras required, which helps keep costs down.

However we will ofcourse allow some leeway for extending the CCTV system at a later date, should you think you might need to.

During the survey we all determine best installation for each camera. Ideally this would be the shortest route meaning we can keep installation costs to a minimum. Suspended ceilings, cable trays and lofts can all be utilised with any surface mounted cable hidden in trunking.

The design of the CCTV system is simple. We provide high resolution cameras to the designated areas which then monitor and record continuously to the hard drive of a digital recorder for a period of 31 days. All images are then viewed through a monitor located in a designated area.



 Sony CCTV Camera.jpg

We specify high-resolution cameras with built-in infrared capability. This allows clear imagery even at night. The CCTV cameras can be domes, bullets, PTZ, IP…we deal with them all.

All the digital recorder models we specify are hand-picked for reliability and ease of use and we take time to train all our customers on the different functions available.

To remotely access information of live and recorded images the CCTV system can be connected to the broadband network. Once set up by our trained engineers all live and recorded images are able to be viewed remotely via a tablet, smartphone, laptop and PC. It as a great management tool!

Once we have connected your CCTV system to the broadband network email alerts can be set up on your mobile devices to warn of any intruder activity.



Integrated Systems

We are also able to build integrated security systems. With our industry partner we can design and install access control systems, door entry systems, perimeter protection, intruder alarms and remote monitoring. In short we can help you with any security need that you might have.


Warranty Agreements

All our bespoke CCTV systems come with the peace of mind of a one year comprehensive warranty agreement which covers for all parts and labour. This can be extended after year one.

We also offer a leasing facility. This allows you to pay for the equipment over a fixed period but still obtain ownership at the end of the lease term.

Our lease rates are very competitive and it as a great way to protect capital expenditure.

So if you have a need for any of the services we offer then please get in touch by calling 04-4273146 today.

We are happy to discuss any cctv or security requirements you have before providing a detailed no-obligation quote free of charge.